Chronic Trigger Trailer

2008-04-29 02:15:24 by Spamzilla

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Next Project

2008-04-08 23:54:35 by Spamzilla

This is my next big project. It is called Chronic Trigger. I don't have enough to release a demo at the moment but here is a screenie.

**UPDATE**.. Now that I'm in a better mind to speak about it... I've done a lot of programming for the background work in this thing. Basically, all things that can move are instances of the Character class. For battle monsters, I might inherit a class from the Character class to isolate certain subroutines that normal characters do not need. Things such as Menu screens and speech dialogs are controlled with the MasterFunc class. I am trying to make the whole system very object oriented and flexible. I am a programmer after all, not an animator, so I think I know how to make it work right.

Next Project